Friday, 29 October 2010

Monty a Mohair Faux Vintage Bear

Hi Everyone.
Hope you are all well?
I am very pleased to introduce Monty, a mohair faux vintage, well loved and hugged bear, Who is patiently awaiting adoption. Monty has taken several days of hard work, love and creativity to make. I do hope you like him as much as I do : ) I have really tried hard to capture the true character of this little bear. He is currently up for adoption at my website, lots more photos and info can be seen at: and will be off to Bearpile tomorrow.
Have a great weekend : )
*Monty has just been adopted and is off to Australia


  1. Miraculous work! I like him excellently!


  2. Many thanks for such kind words Conni, I'm so glad you like Monty : )