Friday, 26 July 2013

Two new bears :)

Hi :)
Just thought I'd post up two new bears I have just added for adoption today. The first is Desert Rose a Capability Bear. She is approx 10 inches high and made from beautiful peacock faux fur. The second is a little rabbit called Summer approx 6 inches high and made from white faux fur. Both are available for adoption at my website please visit for lts more photos and info. Thaks for looking and have a great weekend :) xx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Hobbes a new Tiger Bear

Hi :) Please meet Hobbes, a new Tiger bear just created and looking for adoption. Hobbes is approx 8-9 inches high and made from a mixture of mohairs and faux furs. He has hand dyed orange hair and tail, with airbrushed black markings making Hobbes a very striking looking bear. I hope you like him. He is currently up for adoption at my website Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend, kindest regards, Carol and Hobbes :) xxx