Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Chan the little Panda

Hi Everyone
Hope you are all well? Please meet little Chan, which means Beautiful/Graceful in Chinese. Chan is approx 5 inches in height and made from a mixture of Ivory and Black Mohairs. Chan has a hand made fimo nose. : )
More info can be found at http://www.bearpile.com/detail.cgi?id=1318&item=42013
Hope you like her
Kind regards
*Little Chan has been adopted and is staying here in the UK with Daisy


  1. What an adorable bear. I love the combination of fabrics you have used.

  2. Thank you Joanne. I like to mix the mohairs as you never really know how the bear will turn out : )

  3. Your hands are god given...your bears are superbe...
    Magda :o)

  4. Thank you Magda, that is such a kind thing to say, I'm so happy you like my bears : )