Saturday, 4 September 2010

Floss a birthday bear

Please meet Floss a very special bear, as it was made especially for my mum to celebrate her birthday a few days ago : )
I hope you like her, she was named after the dog we had when I was growing up who was a bundle of fur just like this little bear!
Hope you like her, my mum is very happy with her : )
Have a great weekend


  1. Me apunto a ser tu mama!!!! jejeje
    Estoy segura que le ha encantado, es un detalle precioso, a mi personalmente me parece un osito fantastico.
    besitos ascension

  2. gracias Ascension (lol), estaba muy contenta con el oso , ella quería uno como este durante mucho tiempo : )
    thank you Ascension (lol), she was very happy with the bear, she had wanted one like this for ages : )

  3. oooh look at this hairs! just great!
    best wishes and big bear hugs!

  4. Thank you Alba. Glad you like her : )