Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Honey a 3 inch sweetie

Hi Everyone

Please meet little Honey a new design on a mini scale. She measures approx 3 inches and is made from spring gold felted mohair with cashmere foot, ear and paw pads.

She has just been put up on BearPile where you can find more photos and info

Hope you like her and many thanks for looking : )

Kind regards

*This little one has just been adopted and is off to Australia to live with other Bears of Bath friends : )


  1. Es una preciosa miniatura, quedaria genial en una escena de niños, enhorabuena!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. gracias Ascension, a que he disfrutado de hacer un oso en miniatura : )
    Thank you Ascension, I enjoyed making a miniature bear : )

  3. Honey is gorgeous, Carol! I know how hard it is to sew mohair into such small bears. You have done a very neat job!
    Hugs "Down Under"

  4. Thanks Wendy, she was very fiddly to do, I got all the limbs sewn up and realised I'd made two identical arms (lol) so I've got a spare for the next one now : ) So glad you like her. Kind regards