Friday, 25 June 2010

Miniature 1.8 inch teddy bear brooch


Please meet a very small bear who is also a brooch which you can wear anwhere you go.

This little one is 1.8 inches tall and made from gold cashmere with a cashmere muzzle and nose too. He has tiny seed beads for his eyes and is shaped using stitches. If you would like to see more of him please visit my etsy shop @

Hope you like him and thanks for looking : )


  1. Genial!!!!
    Serviria perfectamente para miniaturas!!!!
    Me encanta, enhorabuena!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias Ascension, Parecía una buena manera de usar los osos en miniatura : )
    Thanks Ascension, it seemed a good way to use miniature bears : )

  3. I love this guy! SOOO CUTE!!!

  4. Thanks Heather, its a new design I'm working on : )