Monday, 4 January 2010

Matthew was feeling left out so I said that I would post a photo of him which was taken at the weekend at Avebury Stones.


  1. I love this picture. What is Avebury Stones? It looks like this boulder was just dropped there out of now where.

  2. Avebury is a prehistoric stone circle in England (20 miles from Stonehenge)and unlike Stonehenge you can wander around the stones freely. There were originally 98 large Sarsen stones which formed the circle.

    Our village is surrounded by these and is steeped in all sorts of myths and folklores. Its a very inspiring place to live. In the summer Avebury is taken over when people come to celebrate the summer solstice. There is lots of info online,if you would like more info. The best site I've found is:

    We moved here in the summer and love it as its so peaceful, its a great place to be creative.

  3. Wonderful, thanks for the explanation. I love the ancient mysteries and lore of the UK